Using LinkedIn Groups for More Effective Engagement

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Some Benefits of LinkedIn Groups

  • Research – current issues: what’s hot, what’s not
  • Thought leadership – find leaders, be a leader
  • Networking – build relationships through sharing 
  • Group members can invite one another to connect
  • Lead generation
  • Find jobs

Joining Groups

  • 50 Groups maximum – some say use the full quota, others prefer to be more selective
  • Check the activity level (and check for real activity, i.e. discussion not just promos/spam)
  • Read the Group Rules 
  • Your settings adjustable for each group
  • Members of groups can invite one another directly to connect


LinkedIn’s acquisition of Pulse

LinkedIn’s guide to creating and managing a LinkedIn Group – at this link.

5 Tips for Effectively Managing a LinkedIn Group

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The Podcast – Episode 10: Using LinkedIn Groups for More Effective Engagement

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